Infant Program                  

Our Infant program provides a safe and nurturing
environment for your baby. Our warm caregivers
talk to infants in calm soothing voices and listen
and respond to the sounds your baby makes.

Caregivers adhere to infants individual feeding
and sleeping schedules to meet each baby’s
specific needs. Almost every moment of an infant’
s day, offers opportunity for learning and
caregivers are there to guide them through these
Toddler Program                     

Our Toddler program, provides a fun and
stimulating environment to help your child explore
and grow. Our caregivers shall guide and
encourage your child to help them develop their

While establishing a routine, we understand that a
toddler’s schedule needs to be flexible. Learning
experiences are often spontaneous and offer
opportunities for both teacher and child directed
Pre-School Program            

Our Pre-school program provides many
opportunities for hands on learning. Our
classroom contains various learning centers in
order to enhance this process. Children are
introduced to the concept of a classroom routine.

The curriculum utilizes art, music, math, science,
fine and gross motor skills, social studies and
language development through learning activities.
Pre-Nursery Program

Our Pre-Nursery program provides an
environment in which your child can begin to
develop independence, as well as socialization
and communication skills. At the time, children
often make the change for diapering to toilet

Our teachers work closely with you to make this a
smooth transition for all. The curriculum offers,
learning opportunities for music, creative arts,
learning centers, teacher directed activities and
outdoor fun. Our emphasis is on fun and
introducing children to many experiences to
enrich and expand their world.
Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K Program is designed to take what the
children have learned in pre-school and expand
upon it. This includes a center based program
blended with teacher, child and group directed
activities while allowing time for individualized
attention. These activities are designed to
enhance your child's cognitive, social and
developmental skills. We believe learning while
having fun is a great way to gain a positive
attitude toward school. Our Pre-K  program
provides your child with the necessary skills to
move onto kindergarten with confidence.